A Short Description of Online Pai Gow Poker Rules

There are few types of card game in online casino. All the card games are very popular to online casino player. Pai Gow poker is one kinds of card game. The game is very interesting and enjoyable to the card game players. For wining every casino games in online, you will have luck and ability. Most of the games in this depend on luck. Besides, you have some responsible about this game. In this game, the combination of two playerscan play this game with their two hands. You have to bet of both hands. Every player will be following place like poke game. Then the cards are dealt by the dealer. Every player will get seven cards from the dealer. If your hand is combination of both hands, you will get five cards, and other will get two cards. The dealer also must follow these rules.

Who will get five cards, his hand will be called High Hand, the other named as a Low hand. If your hand is high hand, your card value will be higher than the lower hand for qualifying.

The both hands of yours will be better than the dealer's both hands. For arranging these cards, only the online casino gives this chance.

Few rules of Pai Gow Poker are deferent from poker. For the beginner fifty-three cards are used of a deck. The 53th card may be joker or wild card. Only the joker uses for ace when the game is played the combination of three hands for straight, straight flush and a flush. It is very essential for the online Pai Gow poker's player, if the dealer card's value and your card's are same, there will be given no result. Then the banker will win the all bet. In addition, the game begins again. Only the dealer will get this opportunity. Many traditional casinos in online provides this game. For learning, more and you can browse the casino site in online. You will get detail about the Pai Gow poker. When you will play this game in online casino, you will understand about this game completely.